Cultural Heritage Management System

Junta de Andalucía

The Junta de Andalucía is the Andalusian Autonomous Government. Andalusia is the most populated Autonomous region in Spain and the second largest geographically. It consists of 8 provinces

Background & Challenges

Information on cultural heritage was disseminated via various disparate applications using different technologies.  Andalusian Ministry of Culture staff were therefore obliged to use several systems to manage information and record activities relating to cultural heritage.  Since these systems were independent and not linked in any way, data consolidation and extraction had become very costly.

Sopra Added Value

  • Offer the resources and technical tools required to manage information related to Andalusia’s cultural heritage.
  • Offer a unified information system that stores information and documentation (including geo-spatial data) that covers the whole of  Andalucia’s cultural heritage.

Customer Benefits

  • Facilitate public access to information about the Administration in general, and in particular  Andalusia’s cultural heritage.. 
  • Developed using the technology and platforms managed by the Administracìon Electronica (EGovernment), MOSAICO enables users to view information on the entire scope of Andalusian heritage.